Impregnated Corebits


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The most ordered and produced are Geomas impregnated corebits, used for drilling in a variety of rock formations with diverse rock characteristics around the world including Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Spain, Russia -Siberia .
The impregnated corebits are with WW-profile and wedge-shaped. The Matrixs height ( the height of the impregnated layer) is h = 6 - 8 mm.
The variety of our high performance bits is defined from:

  • Hardness of the matrix
  • Concentration of diamonds
  • Quality and type of the diamond powde


The impregnated corebits are produced complying with the following standards:
European - Metric Standard (56,66, 76, 86,101 types 2 and 6),
United States - DCDMA (BQ, BQ3, NQ, NQ2, NQ3, HQ, HQ3, PQ, PQ3)
Russian - GOST 19527-74(59, 76, 93, 112, 132).

Working with high quality materials and proven distribution network, GEOMA creates lasting and loyal customer relationships.

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